Dear Non-Asian Writer

Dear Non-Asian Writer

Dear Non-Asian Author Of Asian United States Characters

I’m pleased that you will be including an asian character that is american your guide, without hyphens and every thing, too. You have got my term that i am going to look into your guide, confident that you have done your absolute best become respectful, thoughtful, and diligent regarding your depiction of Asian People in america and our varied experiences.

The factors that have ravaged the Asian American psyche, little things, like the discriminatory laws that prohibited the immigration of Chinese laborers to the US as recently as the sixties, while not limiting the immigration of other races for example, in crafting your characters, I know you have kept in mind. Or the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Significantly more than a hundred thousand Japanese, almost all of those americans, were obligated to offer up their homes/lives and imprisoned in ‘relocation centers’ enclosed by barbed cable.

In the event that you wonder if the ghosts of legalized racial discrimination still linger, I direct your awareness of our present presidential prospects, a number of whom continue to be ridiculing and badmouthing us.

But back once again to both you and your characters that are asian. Please recall the microaggressions we battle for a basis that is daily like being expected where we have been from, actually from, just as if having an Asian face means we ought to be international. Continue reading “Dear Non-Asian Writer”

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